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Professionisti Australiani scelgono BULATS

Professionisti Australiani scelgono BULATS



Australian professionals choose BULATS

Australia’s leading training provider, Navitas Professional, has made the Business Language Testing Service (BULATS) a critical part of its acclaimed Professional Year Program (PYP)…… 

The programme combines formal learning with an internship placement, and is highly valued by students for providing employment opportunities and eligibility for migration points that count toward permanent residency.

While there are many English tests on the market, Navitas considered BULATS to be the ideal choice, as it provides meaningful assessment of a professional’s workplace language skills.

The wide global recognition of BULATS by employers was a critical motivator to Nativas. Trainers in the programme also wanted to provide their graduates with a Cambridge English-branded report proving their business language skills, thereby imparting them with a competitive advantage in a crowded employment market.

Navitas has already started running BULATS monthly in its campuses across five Australian states, and will be testing some 100 PYP candidates per month once testing runs at full capacity at the end of the first quarter of 2016.